Founded in 2009, the Military Historical Association is made up of volunteers dedicated to preserving the heritage of Washington State's sons and daughters that have served in the Armed Forces. Many gave the ultimate sacrifice for their families, state and country. Our goal is to never let them or their bravery be forgotten.

The MHA, through its partnership with the Lynden Pioneer Museum, uses its volunteers and donations to educate the public to the dedication and sacrifice these incredible men and women of Washington have made through the years with classes, lectures and brochures at the museum. Through various state and national surplus organizations, the MHA acquires all types of military vehicles and equipment for display at the museum as well. We not only educate the public and general visitors as to the what, when and where the vehicles were used but organize volunteers to help restore the vehicles to pristine condition. For the restoration processes we supply all the documentation, manuals and paint schemes.

On this site you will not only see some of the amazing military vehicles currently on display at the museum but you will find ways you can volunteer to help with the maintenence and restoration of these machines. You will also learn how you can support the MHA and its work to preserve our military history financially. We have information and videos to demonstrate how these combat vehicles were used by our soldiers.

MHA Chairman, Larry Green, with an M60A3 tank we acquired for display at the Lynden Pioneer Museum.




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